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clearing going on across the state. sunshine has been blazing all day long out in western maryland and finally creeping its way in to central maryland. not much left until maryland's most powerful radar. we have one stray shower left and it's moving into north western baltimore county, just south of the pretty boy reservoir. may make its way into mays chapel. temperature wise, we have 84 at the inner harbor. look where the sun is at. 91 at frederick. temperatures beginning to creep up here in baltimore. here's another look at tomorrow. 93, mostly sunny, and you notice there's no rain there. that's a good thing. we'll talk much more about the outlook and your weekend forecast coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. our live team coverage continues tonight. how exactly is day five going for the folks at extreme makeover home edition? abc2's don harrison has the latest. i know they have been working around the clock. >> kelly, they are working. they are working hard and trying to get as much as they can done, but the rain keeps coming. it has been raining off and on all day long. all th
in maryland do to the extreme heat of last week's heat wave, there is an update. >> earlier at a news conference to remind the public of the dangers when it comes to a heat wave, the mayor actually honored several paramedics she feels may have kept the death toll from rising. it was just last week when more than 150 residents of the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation facility had to be moved after living without air conditioning for more than a week during one of the hottest weeks baltimore has seen in quite awhile. someone called 911 at the facility to report the conditions and when paramedics arrived monday alerted city officials to the problem, most likely saving lives in the process. >> it was much too hot in the nursing home. the city was able to take emergency action to take care of 150 seniors who had been living without air conditioning for several days. >> the four umasems workers who first arrived were honored. >> [unintelligible] >> also wednesday in a joint effort between baltimore city and the state health department, officials urged allmir lenders -- all marylanders to
'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's get a look at the weather and traffic. >> it is still humid. we saw about an inch of rain last night. take an umbrella because we are not done with the rain. you can see some more rain coming out of western maryland. those rain showers will arrive in baltimore within the next few hours. i think it will clear up late this afternoon. high temperature around 89 degrees. we do have some big time heat in the seven-day forecast. >> not a great morning for commuting. we have some early morning problems. southbound 895, this is a live camera. we are not seeing any cameras but there are some developing with that accident. we will let you know which lanes are closed. 95 approaching caton avenue, three lanes are closed because of an accident. two problems this morning. there is also a downed tree to report in white hall at hunter mill road and kings
of maryland. >>> we have seen a lot of rain. more than we have all summer. we're looking a live look at downtown baltimore. are we on the clear, wyatt? >> kelly, i think the heaviest of the rains are behind us now. it's been one murky, rainy day across baltimore and still the chance of a popup shower or two before we clear it out tonight. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. you can see a couple things. number one, there's not a lot out there right now. number two, what is out there is primarily up in cassel county and precipitation in northern and hartford county and one or two showers sneaking into carol county. look at all the clearing already going on in western maryland with the sun that come out that way. they pushed up to 90 towards hagerstown. temperatures have been held down all day thanks to the clouds and rain. spotty showers still possible. but we will see clearing conditions overnight. we'll talk about that and how things look over the next couple of days. big changes, we'll have it for you coming up. >> police arrested a man they say has been burglarizi
of storms. let's see the storm watch of southern maryland, with more rain coming our ray -- our way, and a new area north of nthis area is moving this way and north of germantown, and our storm scan shows another area of stormings acrossing southern maryland at 2 in the morning, and then a final bunch of storms with a cold front. so an active weather night. and showing here with 1 pnts 1 inch and more on the way, and tonight terrific thunderstorm with 55 miles per hour winds gust, and we will let you know what is coming our way after the storm with watches and warnings and look at it for the next seven days. >> we have news on the gamits left behind. >> and we have jay with news. >> heavy rain and strong rain with chaos, on d.c. neighborhoods, we on on d.c. line where a sizeable tree trunk mashed this chevy blazer. >> a storm dropped trees on the d.c. region and one large tree crushed a car. and check this out, a large tree blocked the canal row, and in one neighborhood one stately tree covered an entire lane. cars were forced to navigate around this dicey section of rhode island av
of the day and all our research to show how any damage from the spill affects natural resources. the maryland first lady address participants of the network to end domestic violence convention downtown. the event that took place yesterday brought together experts from state and federal agencies to discuss ways states can solve problems regarding firearms, which can also -- often turn domestic situations into deadly once. ms. o'malley says she is especially passionate about the issue after working as a state prosecutor. >> ic just the -- i see the horror and sadness that affects these families. often, it is committed in front of children. >> the group not only works to increase firearm safety but also for fair treatment of domestic violence victims by the court. ecb's new beverage tax will soon go into effect, and everyone is getting a better understanding of what is all about -- the city's new beverage tax. it is not a direct tax on consumers to buy bottles or cans soda, water, wine, beer, and liquor. instead, the tax falls on to the distributor, who can then charge the consumer a couple penn
in uganda. a 16-year-old is scheduled for surgery to repair her leg. >> reporter: the maryland teen injured in the terrorist attack is with the missionaries from this church in pennsylvania. they're praying for her quick recovery. the suicide bombing at this restaurant injured this 16-year- old from howard county and six other missionaries traveling with her grandmother's church in pennsylvania. >> i'm thankful to be alive. because, if i was sitting two seats to the left, i would have lost my life. >> faith kept the congregation together and they plan to continue the work in uganda. >> we see what happens when evil is so prevalent that danger lurks. we have to face that. >> reporter: this church member's son also suffered injuries in the explosions. >> he had a hole in his leg and you could see the bone and he couldn't see out of his left eye. >> the phones are ringing constantly and folks around the country are sending e-mails to us offering prayers and encouragement. >> reporter: members of the group could have come home days earlier, but chose to stay. >> that says something about the ge
of the live rain is still in the great state of maryland. a few sprinkles coming along interstate 270 down through frederick, maryland, into upper montgomery county. some showers in howard county, maryland, drifting southbound into northern prince george's and northern anne arundel. plenty of clouds left. a few light rain showers. certainly, not more than about .10 of an inch of rain at the most. with the afternoon clearing, warm today. a little break or two of sunshine. temperatures will quickly climb into the mid and upper 80s. out west towards the blue ridge, because they will get the sunshine first. >> thank you, chuck. montgomery county police are investigating after a man was shot and killed near wheaton high school. police say they found the 27-year-old man on randolph rode around 1:00 a.m. when they responded to the area for a call of shots fired. the man was suffering from at least one gunshot wound and died at the scene. around an hour later, police say another 27-year-old man walked into a nearby police station and turned himself in. >>> he related that he was involved and respo
to move maryland forward. >> a convicted sex offender is back behind bars. >> bp delays testing on the containment cap. what happens now? i am kate amara in washington. >> two people are indicted in the death of an anne arundel county dentist. >> our area has done quite a bit of rain. we'll see what tony pann has to say as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. we have done quite a bit of rain. >> anywhere from one to up to four or 5 inches of rain. that is a good thing. we had some minor flooding problems last night. we're making a serious dent into the drought situation we of experience over the last couple of months. there is more rain moving in from western maryland. there will arrive in baltimore later this morning. so take an umbrella. a c
in western maryland. a little bit more thunder and then some showery weather through the early morning. flood watches are up until 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is for a large section of central maryland from cecil to hertford county. it has expanded into southern maryland. some areas out and west virginia are under borings -- under warnings. downtown baltimore, an inch of rain. of that is adding up to some pretty good rainfall totals. this is really starting to see a surplus for the month. we are almost half an inch above normal at the airport. the rain is helping out. 81 degrees in southern maryland. we have called in to the low to mid '70's to the north. -- cooled to the low to mid 70's to the north. it is a slow-moving front. it is creeping south again. this is the front that will come through here tomorrow and trigger another round of showers and storms. there is some heat building up. parts of kansas into eastern colorado. we have this depicted as a cool front. there is a lot of warm air coming in. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms in the area. look at the way the skies c
and 236, the left lane is closed. on a bette -- braddock. let's look at maryland. this side of the beltway is quiet. we are at the american legion bridge. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story today, the aftermath of all the strong storms. thousands across the region are in the dark. pepco is reporting 3000 outages mostly in montgomery county. more than 3800 dominion power customers or without electricity. there is damage all across the region. we will have a live report on that a little later. >>> breaking news from wheaton. police are investigating a suspicious death. adamec county police say that a man in his 20s was founded in the 3300 block of randolph road at 1:00 this morning. >>> d.c. police have arrested a convicted killer who confessed to five more murders. the 35 year-old boy was a killing spree spanned six years between 1994 and 2000. all the shootings took place in southeast. he admitted his role in the deadly shootings while spending time in jail for two others. >>> police of intensifying their search for oliver scola aidala s
national. 71 at hagerstown. 72 in frederick maryland and temperatures around the beltway to just outside, really uniform, lower to mid-70s everywhere. "9 news" forecast shows we have cloudy skies that will hang on. 77 at 9:00, 79 at noon, few peaks of sun breaking through this afternoon. if we can get more -- we'll talk more about when i expect more chances of storms to run in. the complete forecast in 15 minutes. >> right now, traffic. >> thank you so much, we do have the water main break in the potomoc, south glenn closed between norton and deep glenn. they were finding problems in other places as well. a police investigation going on on randolph road that has the road completely closed and police are directing oncoming traffic onto other roads as a result. 270, it looks like you are fining your way wide open. you will want to watch for that, making your way past toward the split. beltway in virginia, take note, we are losing one left lane between little river even braddock road. this morning's culprit is standing water. >>> approaching the 14th street britain, a okay, 95 heading north
and muggy weather all over maryland tonight. a live look outside. still lots of clouds lingering after a day of rain showers. wjz is live with first warning weather. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods tracking weather for us. >>> still a few showers around. not a whole lot. a few areas getting even one or two very small thundershowers. a little light rain from newark to elkton. and the galena area. and we found this one little thundershower just along the mason-dixon line, heading down toward manchester, to the east of westminster. and a few light showers from tois towson -- from towson to the jarrettsville area. and one little cell popped up in northern montgomery county. that's headed toward western howard county. we're still not done totally with the rain. most areas will be dry. but until probably 7:00, 8:00, we'll have a few of these showers. speaking of these showers, bernadette woods with a few of the rainfall amounts we've seen. >> just in this last round of rain, not even the one from two nights ago. these are the numbers we're seeing 2.69 inches in towson. columbia, 2 1/2
. we see the heaviest storms now off the coast. you see more rain in western maryland. that will arrive here later this morning. a chance for rain showers this morning. it should start to clear up by this afternoon. high temperatures in the upper 80's. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. first we say good morning to sarah. >> we are looking at a busy start on southbound 95. we have an accident there and is blocking several lanes. four lanes are closed avenue.ing kagan avencaton let's go and switch to it live view of traffic on the north side. things are moving good at harford road. there is a down treatment white hall this morning. in white hall at hunter mill road, a downed tree blocking some lanes. so far so good on the harrisburg expressway. the jfx is looking good this morning. southbound 95 approaching caton avenue. about 11 minutes on the north side and the west side. moving pretty well so far on the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a suspected rapist is back in police custody after he was mistakenly released from jail. >> ernes
viuda, dejo a sus siete hijos en mexico para trabajar en maryland... "tener que pagar renta nosotros, tener que ver de comer nosotrtener que ver que ledescontaban a uno del cheque, que pagaba uno del seguro, le cobraran como tres, cuatro cosas, le rebajaban de su cheque, que le venian sobrando, a veces 90 pesos" el informe seÑala una serie de comendaciones para mejorar s condiciones laborales... como extender el salario minimo a estas trabajadoras.. ademas, cuidado de salud, entrenamiento y reformar el programa h-2b... "nosotros estamos pidiendo que los trabajadores no tienen que depender de un solo patron que pueda ser abusivo para su estatus legal" "estos trabajadores inmigrantes se han convertido en recursos principales para el estado... cada aÑo, la industria del cangrejo contribuye millones de dolares a la economia de maryland. en maryland, maria rosa lucchini, univision" agencias estatales en utah estan vestigando si de 1.300 personas que estan en una lista que segun un grupo anonimo servira para identificar a indocumentados. .. ese g
maryland, where there was sunshine today and got into the 90s. let's take a look at what we are seeing right now. just a couple of showers still hanging on across northern hartford county. belle air, you may get a few rain drops. most of this rain coming to an end. look how much the skies are clearing. we'll probably see a little bit of sunshine before sunset tonight. already are in fact just off to the west of baltimore. this everyoning, we'll hover in the 80s for a while. a couple stray showers, clearing skies, it will be humid out. we'll talk about what happens as we go into the day tomorrow in a few minutes. we are looking for much hotter temperatures as we head towards the weekend. details straight ahead. >> well it is day five of the extreme makeover home edition build for girls home. after some setbacks because of the weather, the project seems to be moving along nicely right no. abc2 has more on how the volunteers are keeping their energy levels high. >> here we are at day number five. we've had wind and rain and mud. all the setbacks you can think of. i was looking for tired
. >> it was extremely hot. >> reporter: now the maryland transit administration offers an olive branch to passengers who were on that train. the agency is giving out these vip passes. >> although they tried with some of the hot weather to back up and bus people around. >> reporter: the vip passengers are for passengers that were on the train that broke down in june but family and friends can also use them. the same day the nta is handing out vouchers who were stuck on that june train, a train is delayed to getting into penn station today. >> they have a line, but i don't see it's going to resolve. we are always having this issue. >> i think it's a good idea because people spend a lot of money. i spend about $14 a day on a round trip. >> reporter: to be eligible for this you have to have this submitted to the nta's office of the treasury by august 13th of this year. the voucher or vip pass is good till august 13, 2013. back to you vic. >> the nta is not saying how many of the vip passes they will give up. but more than a thousand passengers were on the train that broke down. >>> bp announced it is delayi
outside of his psz was injured. we know the state police are handling this. maryland police are the investigating agency. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much. >>> prayers for the safe return of a maryland teenager. 15-year-old emily kerstetter was on a mission to help those in need. mike hellgren is live at the teen's school, where he spoke with her friends and family. >> and that was successful surgery, denise. emily ker stetter could have stayed -- come home days before the attack. but she wanted to stay and help people. some just inches away from her were killed. and her classmates here offered a heartfelt message this afternoon. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a show of faith and support as friends and classmates of 16-year-old emily kerstetter prayed for her recovery. >> reporter: she was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda, where she was doing missionary work. >> she has extensive wounds throughout both lower extremities. and her upper extremity. but she is a tough woman. and she's a fighter. >> reporter: in a blog, the friends who also survived
picked up 2/3 of an inch of new rain out in bwi. but since that time look at this. maryland's most powerful radar, we'll talk about that, and look ahead to the weekend. . >> friday on "good morning maryland," need a family night out on a tight budget. . >>> some special recognition for a navy officer from baltimore who is making a difference in iraq. it's a military public affairs video showing how u.s. personnel are helping to train iraquis in palm disposal. this video is shot in northern iraq and it features senior chief petty officer kevin bukowski of baltimore. >> our whole goal here is to get the iraqui bomb disposal unit to a point where we can withdraw and they can take over and continue the mission. >> he says the training focuses not only on bomb disposal technique but also changing the tactics of enemy. >>> well baltimore's olympic hometown hero, michael phelps, will be sharing his skills when he hits the water tomorrow at baltimore's polly high school. he'll give swimming lessons to about 50 middle schoolers, kind of a partnership between his swim safe program and baltim
's going on here in western maryland. lower to mid-70s, 73 towards andrews. brandywine, 74 and out there in sterling. "9 news" forecast, cloud cover for the manty of the day, helping to keep the temperatures down once again. we'll take it. 77 by 9:00. 78 by noon. a complete forecast in 15 minutes. right now, traffic. >>> good wednesday morning to you. here's the latest on the outer loop on georgia avenue. all of your lanes are getting by. there is quite the congestion. jammed from 95 to georgia avenue and on the inner loop, we are getting word of a dump truck near cedar lane. you might be expecting a few delay around that area as well. >> moving to police activity we have been tracking. more lanes are opening up at the intersection of randolph, obviously, the police investigation continues. >> next, let's take you to mcarthur boulevard. follow the detour, andre andrea. kristin fisher joins us from dupont circle where metro riders are feeling frustrated. are we seeing any improvement? >> we are seeing some improvement. two of the up escalators working metro said it will likely be la
-blake urged all marylanders to pay extremely close attention to those most hon. in your community. >> i am asking all citizens -- those most vulnerable in your community. >> i am asking all citizens to take the hot weather seriously. >> so far, 12 heat related deaths have been reported. 11 of them had serious underlying health conditions. 10 of the 12 were discovered in doors without air conditioning, and eight of the 12 were seniors. none were considered homeless. in light of these 12 tragedies, the state is making sure, as is the city, that 15 cooling centers will be available for those who need it, as well as energy assistance programs so that people can still use their air conditioners. medical examiners also remind us to pay attention for those with heat exhaustion as well. >> for more information on how to be the hot days ahead of us, there's more information at our website wbaltv.com. the mayor also honored a couple of paramedics for their heroics in possibly saving some lives at a real about-rehabilitation center. -- at a rehabilitation center. >> during extreme heat, your body nee
of this storm system spiraling out of this system. up in northeast maryland now. we'll take you closer, rising sun down toward conowingo. and then move over toward white hawk. and over near monkton, down near butler. head over to the panhandle of west virginia, over near martinsburg and hagerstown. and you see really what is the last bit of rain that is moving on through the region. we'll talk about how much we got. and we'll give you totals around the region in just the last 24 hours. in your complete updated first warning forecast coming up here shortly. >>> stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. for instant updates and a live look at radar, log onto wjz.com. >>> an ellicott city girl, severely injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda is on the road to recovery. she just underwent major surgery on her leg in south africa. wjz has the story. mike hellgren has more in catonsville, where emily kerstetter and family just wrapped up a prayer vigil for her. >> for the first time, they spoke publicly about the attack on his knees. it appears doctors were able to save both of her legs. th
to sell guns to felons and dangerously mentally ill. >>> and the maryland girl injured in the bomb in uganda had surgery today. her grandmother is due to have surgery for a broken arm. they were traveling with a church group when bombers attacked in uganda on sunday. >> the obama administration said 41 million americans will benefit from a new health care rule. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden unveiled the proposal here in d.c. today. it means no co-pays, deductible or co-insurance for preventative health care like counseling or cancer screening for parents. >>> and topper is here with the forecast. a little gloomy but we did get summer later on. >> we did finish strong. it is rather humid out here if you're going to head out and walk the dog. temperatures in the 80s. here is your forecast first. for tonight, still a slight chance of an early shower or thunderstorm and partly cloudy and warm. low temperature 68-74 and wins out of the northwest at about 10. satellite picture, radar combined will show most showers well to the north and east of us. but just a couple of sh
, joel. -p>>>>a maryland woman is celebrating after receiving a $11million check. >> paula evaas of land over was statii and shocked when the mmryland lotterr gave her that she was randomly selected in he uutimate pay day ssratch ff of that money? she says it's going to her kids one of whom is disabled. >> my plann are definitely to to help my daughter and to take receives, you know, the careh that he needs and save money and just look forward to the future. >> very lucky lady. >>> all right. whh better to teach you how to swim than olympic uperstar the 14 time goad medalist will share his skills to kids in baltimore today. he will give lessons to kids as he launches a partnershipp33 between thh phelps swim school and the maryland city chooll. take up to 20 hours of ssimming lessons. phelps launched the program last yeaa hoping to get kids mmre >>> transporting some the smallest victims f the gull oil spill. and be very aaeful. >>the mission going on to keee thhir turtle population going. >>> we have a flass-flood watcc until 10:00 a.m. for >>> 5:42 on fox 45 early edition. let's c
the gun show people. greta kreuz has that story. >> 37 states including maryland and virginia have some type of loophol;e exempting certain gun sales for background checks. today, house committee members got an earful from those who say it is time to close them. tom walked into the form, sporting a pair of size 10.5 vans sneakers, warned by his son the day he was shot and killed at columbine high school massacre. eric terrace and dylan klebold bought the weapons at a gun show from a private, unlicensed seller. >> no background check or paper sale. that is where they bought their guns. it is shameful. >> he and others lobbied the judiciary committee to close the loopholes that requires dealers to do background checks but not private cellars, even playing this underground -- undercover video. >> no background check? >> some more families and survivors of the 2007 virginia tech shooting. this person still has three bullets in his body after seung- hui cho's rampage. >> he constantly changed clips, put moran, and just shot. >> some are concerned that second amendment gun rights are being ch
and get cookies and juice. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we have the rain falling once again on our tower cam, and we have a light drizzle out there, temperatures into the 70s. westerly wind at 5:00, but the real story is the humidity. the rain will stay for the remainder of the afternoon. very spotty in nature. the heaviest of the rain confined over northern carroll county and making its way into baltimore county. some of these rainfall rates inside this cell anywhere from a half rinch to 3/4". you're going to have an issue in the northern portions in the county for the remainder of the afternoon. it's going to be a muggy day. we still have the flood watch in effect for cecil county. temperatures out there into the 70s, very muggy morning out there. 70 degree dewpoint in downtown. 75 degree dewpoint down to the east. when we see the dewpoints, it's like a measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. here's the storm now, it's an upper level low sitting over our region, and it will keep an unstable atmosphere
in maryland, her teachers are playing for her quick recovery and safe return. >> and the vigil is here in the chapel. >>> thank you, mike. stay with wjz-13 for complete coverage. we'll have the latest on her condition and the family, friends and classmates. >>> bp has hit another snag. and there's a life look at the oil pouring into the gulf for 85 days now. you can't see much from this angle. bp is planning on choking the hold and the engineers will analyze what's to come. here's the latest from the gulf coast. >> reporter: bp isn't certain that the ruptured well can stand a rise in pressure on the new cap. >> the thing that we don't know is exactly what the integrity of the well is. >> reporter: bp delayed the tests while the scientists collect day day. they hope to trap the wells and then, a submarine will put on a choke line. the oil could spew from somewhere else in the well. for the calm could be a fix, but the permanent fix is a relief well. they halted the tests for 48 hours while they're testing. the residents are waiting for months were pb to finish. >> i wish they would get
and wires down. the outer loop in maryland, 95 getting to georgia avenue, the crash is gone. let's look at a quiet ride on the beltway between 270 and the american legion bridge. we are live at river road. if in virginia, on the inner loop and springfield after the robinson terminal, now on the shoulder. the left lane is blocked with deep water between braddock road and 236. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> the national park service has completed a long-term plan for restoring the national mall. some key elements include improvements if to the general condition and appearance. also, they plan to provide new bicycle lanes of, improve the field for softball, soccer, tical. and improvements to restrooms, water, and information services. >>> important news this morning for passengers stranded on a high train for hours without air-conditioning last month. the maryland transit administration says passengers five trains 538 on that date are eligible for five vip day passes, each good for one round trip. passengers must fill out a form on the mta website by august 13. >>> 6:12 on this wednesd
. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us, you're going out there live today at 9:00. >> voluntarilyeers have a great attitude, so does the crew, considering what they've been up against. terrible weather. >> let's bring in make masco who's been doing our weather this morning for meteorologist justin berk, you hail from new jersey. >> way up there in new jersey, but love baltimore, been here a couple years now. let's look at doppler radar, we're clear. that heavy band of rain shifted over new jersey. we'll be watching more scattered showers and storms to develop through the rest of the morning. here's a recap of rain. look at rainfall totals, i should say, in the last 12 hours. you can see, it's centered right over the 95 stretch from rockdale into bel air, future radar, we'll put this into motion and show you the next couple hours. maryland's most powerful radar is saying we'll be seeing more showers and thunderstorms down the pike. it could be an intense situation. we'll keep an eye on it. abc2news.com keeps you updated 24/7. kim brown,
,,33 new jersey. on the weetern part f maryland. sooe of that activity will move through tte central ounties and -he eastern shore later this morning and through the %-wise.n baltimore temperaturehe 75 ind.c. 75 in hhgerstown. a hot and humid day as tempeeatures cliib toú%90 degre. kcan't rule outta shower oo thunderstorm. it justtwon't be aa widespread as it ould be. we will alk about the timing of thh storms but right now candac3 %--> reporter: steve, thosee. storms did comm through ú%sterday and a llt of rain. in fact, now it's causing flooding thii morning. you will ind it n the ramp ú% to northern parkway. just be aware, it's right t the -ase of the ramp. it will definittly slow you down movinn through the area. on 83 just above the beltway, traveling ttrough altimore county, things look muuh betterr there are no ncidents to3 report. here, it is, northbound and southbound lanes the cars are zipping along in both directions. as for the beltway scooting throuuh the area from 83 up toward 795 wiee i!! 795 ww're i8 minntes at 52 miies ppe hour. and an lech-minute ride --
for nothing. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. mike masco is doing the weather for us today. >> it was wet out there for the overnight. we had rain anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain in our area. those rainfall rates overnight closed out whiteout conditions on the roadways. usually we talk about them in the winter, this time around, we're talking heavy rain. 72 downtown, roland park elementary. 72 thus far. look at rain, about an inch of rain in the bucket for that region. temperatures out there are muggy. 74 from bel air to annapolis. 73 degrees. elsewhere, temperatures into the mountains to upper 60s to 73 degrees. we'll see sunshine breaking out later today. allowing temperatures to boost into the upper 80s and 90s. kim brown, take us to work. >> we were rocking and rolling pretty much in the earlier part of the commute. things have calmed down a little bit. minor delays around the area. the roads are very wet. possibly see standing water, ponding in places. as we take a peek at the beltway,
that are under way to clean up in the district and in maryland. >> reporter: an suv crushed by a massive tree. it's quite a sight for 5-year- old max as he walks to school wednesday morning along willow road in tacoma park. >> we like our neighbors and we're sorry their car got all crushed up by a tree. we're glad nobody's hurt. >> reporter: this tree came crashing down around 8:00 last night. we're not talking about just a tree branch. if you take a look all the way up there, you can see the entire top of this tree just fell off barely missing all of those nearby power lines. >> it's amazing that we still have power and it didn't hit the power lines. it went the right direction. >> we're looking at a tree that was pruned in the old fashion way 20 years ago, and the wound caused by the pruning led to an area of rot in the tree. >> reporter: todd bolton is the arborist for the city of takoma park. >> all of this wood inside is now rotten. so the only part holding the tree was this little good section right there. >> it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: the storm was-- >> the storm was proba
the north and west. let's go to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we are watching a few scattered showers developing to the west. this is what we have from the overnight, one to two inches of rain, the heaviest of the rain was confined around baltimore city. towson. perry hall. an inch to two inches of rain from that cell that moved through the area. keep an eye to the west, see scattered showers and storms developing once again. this area is poised to move right into downtown. so it looks like towards your latter half of your morning commute, maybe a thunderstorm out there. wake-up temperatures into the 70s, launching into the upper 80s. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up, guys over to you. >> 5:32. day 84. it's kind of like day 64, 44 or 24. >> it still looks the same. still leaking, you'd think into this story right? no what about the cap? was it supposed to work? abc2 news emily schmitt has the latest into the gulf. >> reporter: 85 days after the oil spill, officials hope this is the day they contain the oil. >> they're trying. it was a big mistake there, but they're
to woodbridge, no problems and all lanes are open. back to you. >>> meet maryland's newest millionaire. paula evans from landover, maryland, got the surprise of her life when she found out she won a million dollars. she sent in her scratch off ticket months ago and out of 44,000 entries, hers was the one picked. as a single mom with a daughter in college, a son about to go to college and her youngest with special needs, evans will not be frivolous. >> my plans are definitely to get my son through college and to help my daughter and to take care of james, to make sure he receives the care that he needs. >> after taxes, evans takes home $657,000. good for her. >>> we'll be back. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy
of landover received the million dollar check from the maryland lottery. wait tost couldn't share the news. she is maryland's newest millionaire. >> oh, my gosh. >> this mother of three it sent in her ultimate paid a scratch off ticket about a month ago. out of 44,000 entries, hers was randomly picked. >> i just happen to say, ok, $1 million, i will buy a couple of scratch offspring >> never did she imagined that the maryland lottery would surprise her what the million dollar check. >> $1 million is a big victory these days. >> after taxes, it is $600,000, money she says will help her children. her daughter is in college, her son is headed there, and her youngest son is disabled. >> i will get my son through college and take care of james, make sure that he received care that he needs. >> she says she would like to use some of the money to work towards getting her nursing degree so she can continue the cycle of giving. isn't that nice? >> i love that story on every level. about well deserving. -- >> well deserving. >>> coming up, 7 on your side with a warning about identity theft. >> next,
western maryland. rainfall chances will linger here through the morning hours at least. about lunchtime today that area of low pressure should start to make good progress out of the area. after about noontime the showers will be lifting on out and the rain showers will go away with them. what we'll say for the forecast, morning clouds and showers, afternoon clearing, warm and humid, mid-90s and sunshine return for tomorrow and for friday. we're almost done with the rain. wet roads for the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. the capitol beltway could be troublesome in virginia between springfield and i-66. a couple of spots along braddock road and i-66, look out for high water. any construction zones where the jersey walls are up probably will not drain well so we'll watch it carefully. elsewhere we'll see where your commute is going down the i-270 spur. so far so good but plenty of road spray so be very cautious. >> have your walking shoes ready this morning if you have to use the dupont circle metro station. some of the escalators may still not be working. crewed worked through
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
favorite movie quotes of all time. where are you ladies from? >> maryland. >> where in maryland? >> bel air. under baltimore. >> dig down deem and you find bel air. thank you, ladies. let's check your weather and see what's happening. a flood threat, philadelphia on into central new jersey, southern new jersey. that rain moving up and through and on into new england. rainfall amounts generally about a half inch to an inch of rain. we also have a risk of strong storms back through the upper midwest. in fact, strong storms from wisconsin on into minnesota. hail two inches in diameter. we have severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches throughout parts of eastern minnesota right now. heavy rain anywhere from >> we are off to a fairly quiet start but there is a chance for a few more showers and thunderstorms as we go out early this afternoon. it should clear up l >>> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >>> al, thank you. the cat is now out of the bag. the daughter of former alaska governor sarah palin is back together with levi johnston, the father of her infant son and, get this, the
years for a drive-by. >>> and charges in the death of a maryland dentist. dr. row was beaten to death in his office. police say two suspects were in the middle of robbing the dentist when they killed him. one worked at the dentist. they were arraigned last week. >>> and a arrest warren issued for a cab driver accused of raping a girl. we have more details. >> having family and kids, i was shocked. >> reporter: the general manager of regency cab, a country with a -- a company with a contract to pick up metro customers is having trouble with the allegations against one of his cabbies. a woman passenger said the driver raped her after picking her up from an adult day care facility last week. his boss wasted no time in taking action. >> around 4:30, this gentleman doesn't work any more for this company. >> reporter: he said the driver passed a background check and has gone through two training sessions since being hired in january. >> we don't know yes. it is accusation. we don't know if he's guilty. >> reporter: he'll face charges of second-degree grape -- rape and two counts of assault.
of more of the standing water. outer loop in maryland, smooth ride from 95-270. this just in, police activity to keep an eye out for on randolph road. the road is closed. notice they are trying to direct traffic out of the way. this is near the intersection where randolph meets the drive. >> the debate over trolley cars in the district has cleared a major hurdle. yesterday, the dc council approved a measure allowing overhead trolley wires to be put up in certain sections of the northeast. the temporary measure prohibits overhead wires to be put ill over up over the national mall. >>> county board of supervisors has rezoned 335-acres for the village center. the new project, located near the intersection of 7 and 28 will include hundreds of residential units, office and retail space. two hotels, a performing arts center and a fire station. some residents are concerned about the project as impact on traffic. >>> taking a look at this morning's "living well" headlines, the white house has unveiled their new hiv/aids strategy. the plan is toe -- to -- >>> later today, fda advisory commit
blaze. >>> it's juut gut-wrennhing. >>> a maryland girl survives surge reafter a terrorist attack in uganda.3 how her community is rallying around her.ú >>> breaking the rules to save %-gulf.o to save wildlife in the >>> good morning. it's wednesday, july 14th. you're taaing a live look at the iiner hal harbor where it's a wt start to the morning. good morning.3 i'm patrice harris and let's cceck in with meteorologist steve fertig to see how wet it's going to be this morning. >>> we held off the rainn3 %-off.day morning and we we ggt this rain..3 aad take a llok at what we got as a fllsh flood watch. for cecil county that is until 10:00 a.m. this morning. we have ripples of energy producing some showers and yoo can sse all of the rain that moved through. we picked up 2/3 of an inch of rain and where we officially %-inch downtown.i but over an %-regard to the rain deficitt bt that could be bringing the restg %-of some thundee later thisnce morning to the afternoon. 70 degrees is the starting temperature, a warm and humid start. 71 in hagerstown, and as we ove through the day, 84
there. that is over northern maryland. that is an area of low pressure. that is continuing to push off to the east, and the clouds will continue to clear from the west to east. leesburg clear right now. we should see enough sun to get temperatures up into the upper 80's. then some fog cannot be ruled out tonight. tomorrow looking very sunny. highs in the low to mid 90's. not just tomorrow but on into friday. from unsettled to settle. >>> this is the shocker of the day. the daughter of sarah palin is getting married. "us magazine" says she is a engaged to leave by johnston. they split up two months after their son's birth. the recently announced they were packing things up for the suns say. the plan came as a surprise to sarah palin. >>> montgomery county celebrated the grand opening of a new addition to a firehouse in silver springs. the fire chief toured the volunteer fire department. it features more sleeping quarters and a training in meeting room as well. >>> writers were stranded on a hot air -- riders that were stranded on june 21 are now eligible for five and vip day passes. eac
. darlington .6/ of an inch, we saw heavy rain across the area. here's maryland's most powerful radar. let's take one quick look. that's the rain from last night, overspreading area from the i-95 corridor, all the way up into the city. see that swath from one to as much as two inches of rain. downtown over towson. northern sections of baltimore city. rainfall rates from an inch to two inches of rain. just north of columbia, almost two inches of rain. heavy rain out there. we're expecting showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. let's send it to new york where we have tech tips. >> reporter: consumer reports keeps the heat on apple. a blog says it's apple's responsibility to fix the iphone's antenna problem at no extra costs to consumers. they say they can't recommend the iphone 4. some want apple to recall the device but analysts say the company may ignore them. >>> netflix is facing competition on the ipad. a new service is offering another way to stream movies on the device. a new company claims they load the movies faster than netfli
'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. >> we're following a developing story out of wheaton, maryland. a man's body was found in the 3300 block of randolph road around 1:00 this morning. the man appears to be in his 20s. they are not saying how he died. no other information is being released at this time. >>> five cold case murders in the district may finally be solved. police believe a single person is behind the killings which date back to the mid-90s. jackie benson has more on what the police call one of the most prolific serial killers. >> reporter: a july 8th arrest warrant describes five of the killings, the the most notorious, a broad daylight double homicide in d street southeast in 1999. ray and james adair were blasted with an ak-47 assault rifle while sitting in a nissan 300. according to court documents, he was looking through the neighborhood looking for members to shoot members of a rival gang and didn't find any so shot them. >> in some cases the violence
on down through southern maryland, well east of laplata not too far from golden beach to leonardtown a couple of showers. when we look back at the bigger picture, when say spotty, i mean spotty. late friday we will have a few more on this line of thinking of a few storms to keep an eye on. max hd, huge rain yesterday. it was an area of low pressure spinning and they got heavy downpours in the philadelphia area as well. flash flooding and in pittsburgh. you can see we are getting the last gasp of the circulation as it pulls out. an isolated chance of an additional thunderstorm. this cool front will approach us this weekend and we almost hesitate to call them cool fronts because there isn't much cool about them. but it's a wind shift and a change in the air mass and it does produce showers and storms. we will describe the weekend as, perhaps, a bit unsettled. details are murky on that. we know tonight it will be one or two isolated storms. probably nothing tomorrow but hot. the next couple of days, we will be at or above 90. perhaps late storms on friday and for part of saturday as wel
park, maryland. tracy wilkins reports. >> left some major damage. downed trees. like this one at 16th and military road made for an early morning mess. it was at the takoma park section of montgomery county where the most suffered from early morning power outages. at its height, they record 3,300 customers without power. >> for montgomery county, we're looking at crews in some areas with wires down. it started after the second of three storm that came through after about midnight. >> reporter: classes were delayed at the community college until noon due to a power outage at the school. that have the crews were able to restore three feed enters into the area and by mid morning, power to many homes was restored. with just a few scattered outages remain. >> not as bad as the area yesterday but the storm when it wrapped around trees and hours, it is a process. >> reporter: news4. >>> for most customers, power was restored by noon today. >>> are we gun this stormy stuff for a while? >> that's the question. veronica johnson has the answer. >> hey there, jim and pat. we're definitely gun the
maryland does not want police officers to quiz people here about the immigration status. this is a sanctuary city. and written in the city's legal code it says "no agent, officer or employee of the city shall assist the united states bureau of immigration and customs enforcement in the investigation or arrest of any person for civil or criminal violation of immigration and nationality laws of the united states." it's against the law to be in the u.s. illegally. supporters say they want the local police to focus on solving crime and leave the immigration work to federal authorities. >> sanctuary cities are saying we are not going to pre-empt the federal government. it's the fall government's responsibility. >> now that obama administration sued arizona over the immigration law permitting officers ask a person of air immigration status during other enforcement duties like a traffic stop, some are asking why cities get a pass for ignoring the immigration law. >> arizona law is in compliance with the federal law. the justice department should stay out of it and encourage ari
in northern maryland. plenty of clouds with a passing, brief shower possible. sunshine later today. and heat and humidity return tomo >>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >>> al, thank you very much. the alleged barefoot bandit, 19-year-old colton harris-moore appears in a courtroom today after he was deported to the u.s. on tuesday following that high-speedboat chase and arrest in the bahamas. nbc's peter alexander is in miami with with the latest on this story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. this morning colton harris-moore is right here in miami at the federal detention center. it's just less than 24 hours after authorities paraded him into court in the bahamas. we were inside the courtroom at the time when harris-moore pleaded guilty, calmly, to just a single minor offense. but here in the u.s. he could face much more serious charges. under heavy security, colton harris-moore arrived back here tuesday night capping a long day that began in the bahamas. with the suspect marched to a nassau court wearing clean high-topped shoes without laces, a bahamas t-
'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for e we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. [ cheers and applause ] >>> it's always fun. have a great day, everyone. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning. here's your day planner for your day today. a chance of thunderstorms and showers. that's a good bet, and it will be humid out there. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. we will go over to the radar, and we are seeing showers and storms on radar out there, and you can see the radar right in here. that's not it. here's the radar shot. showers starting to build back into the area, and we are keeping an eye on northern carroll county and that's going to make its wa
in the western maryland, that's still got to get through here. we're going to have some clouds in the first part of the day. but out to the west here, out into the ohio valley we get some clear skies and you know what, we'll probably get some sunshine in here late in the day with highs back in the upper 80s. it won't be a terrible day. warm to start your day, 75 at reagan national. 72 in quantic. leonard town 73. anap police 74. you nudity levels will be down right -- humidity levels will be down right unpleasant here. 88 for your afternoon high. we'll dry it out a bit. 93 won't feel too bad. 93 on friday. maybe some thunderstorms on saturday then we're going to clear it out again for sunday. highs after today will once again be in the 90s. let's get the on time traffic and julie wright. >> you're talking about standing water, we've got trees down. we also have some standing water issues along near dell wood. the big story, the inner loop traveling between brad dock road and 236 where the left lane is impassable at this point . that right hand exit to go northbound that will take you back up, th
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